Malala Yousafzai is 17 years old girl who was born on July 12th 1997 in Mingora, Pakistan. She comes from a Sunny Moslem family. She lived with her father and her two brothers. Her father was a school owner and also an educational activist in her region. When she was a child, she wanted to be a doctor. But, her father taught her as a politician. Her father saw her as a special child. She liked to stay up at night to talk about politics with her father and also about the educational condition in her region. Her first speaking about educational right was in a local press club when her father took her in Peshawar.

Malala grew in a region which banned girls attending the school. The local Taliban was the community which has the authority to do this in Swat Valley. When most of the people were afraid to against Taliban, even wrote some articles about the condition in it. Malala agreed to write the diary writing which talked about the educational condition in her region and also how Taliban tried to take control of it. In addition, she also offered her point of view in promoting education for the girls in Swat Valley. She wrote her writing on her blog helped by BBC editor.

Her writing got harsh responses from the Taliban. The school girls were closed and some of them were destroyed. Surely, it gave bad effects for the girls to get their education and also broke their education rights. The Taliban harsh responses never stopped her spirit to continue her writing. Furthermore, her father as an educational activist supported her fully in doing it. Unfortunately, his courage must be paid by his death by the Taliban commander.

His father’s death made her spirit arose and arose. Then, she decided not to be a doctor. As she deeply inspired her father as an educational activist, she changed her dream to be a politician. Sooner, she said that she wanted to be a politician because there are so many crises and she wanted to remove the crises that happen in her country.

In her early carrier as a politician, she appeared in some social media to talk about the girls educational rights. Her identity on her blog diary writing was arisen in a magazine. She became popular and popular. Some media invited her to be a speaker to talk about the education rights for the girls and also how to advocate it. The Taliban knew about her identity in her writing on blog. They thought about revenging what Malala did before in Swat Valley. It happened when Malala came home by bus. They shot Malala. She got medical treatment because of her bad injured. She was coma for a few days. Then, she came out for her coma, but still had a five-hour operation to reconstruct her skull and restore her hearing.

She never stopped to fight the girl educational rights. She did it continuously. She did her advocacy called Yousafzai. She spoke to United Nations, Harvard University, and also met some of the important people who can help her to solve the problems. Some of them were The Queen Elizabeth II and President Barrack Obama. As her efforts to fight the women rights equality in her region which inspired the other regions that have the same issues, Malala got some awards. The most impressive awards were the Nobel Peace Prize on October 2014. Because of this, She was dedicated to be the youngest girl who ever got this Nobel. Secondly, she included in 100 most influential people in the world based on Times in 2013.

Malala is the real leader for youth activists in the world. Her spirit and achievements have big influenced to the youth. She also inspires the people to think and act socially to the people around them and their countries. As the women youth organization, KOPRI really appreciates her efforts in doing these. Her presence as an educational women activist has become a big spirit for KOPRI to be more focus to participate in solving the women social problems. Hopefully, KOPRI will be able to give birth more to cadres who have life activists like Malala in Indonesia.

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2014 – 2016


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